Eclipse Devotion #3: Team Jacob or Team Edward- Flesh or Spirit

As established, Bella’s on-track for making several important, life-altering (and life-ending) decisions in Eclipse. I’m going to begin with the major choice between Edward and Jacob.

I run the risk of alienating the parties (or partisans, lol) involved here, and I’m going to try not to do that. However, viewing the book series spiritually, I have to look at it allegorically as well as practically. That can be a hard line to walk when you’re ultimately choosing between good and good-er. šŸ™‚ I hope readers will understand that. Now, onward!

Bella loves both men deeply and unconditionally, which is an excellent basis for relationship. However, when we venture into book three, we are able to see a greater depth of both relationships. We’re now past the “honeymoon” phase of friendship and new love, so everyone begins to get a little more honest. Here’s what we begin to see:

Bella: As Stephenie Meyer puts it, she’s matured to the point that she’s able to finally count the cost to her decisions. She’s really having to make a choice, and that means sacrificing something.
Jacob: He’s in love with Bella, and as he says relatively early in Eclipse, he knows Bella is in love with him (if she were only honest with herself).Ā  He’s facing losing her: his best friend and his love, to a man/being he fears, loathes, and doesn’t understand. Though Jacob is noble at heart, we watch his decisions begin to show a greater dimension of both prejudice and manipulation as the story develops: both of these actions are based upon fear.
Edward: Being profoundly altered by love in Twilight, and facing the loss of it head-on in New Moon, Edward eventually begins to relinquish some of his own prejudice (and pride) in Eclipse, freeing Bella to choose for herself….even if it ultimately means losing her.Ā  Actions such as these are based upon love alone.

All of that to say that Jacob and Edward symbolize the bride of Christ’s coming choice. The choice of flesh or spirit. We all need each other, humans, to grow, learn, change, and to love. But there comes a time when that can stand in our path, blocking our way to Christ.

In New Moon, Jacob was a Godsend. Jesus with skin on. In Eclipse, he becomes a soul-tie, a roadblock to overcome on the road to eternal life. Jacob Black is earth-bound, biologically unable to make a transition into a truly eternal being: one day, he will die (even if it is more slowly than everyone else).

Have you ever had a great friend? Someone with whom you could share everything? You prayed together, you sat together in church, you kept each other’s secrets and shared your dreams…. Then one day, for whatever reason, one of you stops growing in the spirit. Your fellowship suffers. The other is unable to share in your joy. With every step toward Christ, they feel the separation grow between they and you.

This is exactly where Jacob stands. Unable to follow, losing his friend and his girl, losing control. And thus, he begins to act out of his fear of loss. But fear and love cannot co-exist. This is when Edward proves his mettle: his love passes the fear test.

Beware the one who would make you choose between intimacy with Christ and their friendship. They have already made their choice, and it is flesh.

What will yours be, flesh or spirit?

Devotion Soundtrack:
Lifehouse – Only One.


~ by sarahthebaker on May 30, 2010.

4 Responses to “Eclipse Devotion #3: Team Jacob or Team Edward- Flesh or Spirit”

  1. Yea! You’re back! And this is great! Love it. Great insight. My New Moon devotionals get started this Friday on Dry Ground and last throughout June getting ready for MOVIE. šŸ™‚ Good to hear your thoughts again. TTYL! Write on!

    • Thanks for the comment! How exciting! Look forward to reading your thoughts (always do!).

  2. “Get behind me Satan!” Christ says to Peter when Peter reacts to the news of the suffering and physical death Jesus will soon endure in fulfillment of the prophecy. Peter, much like Jacob is so distrought at the notion that his beloved will endure such pain and eventual physical death that he vows to prevent this apparent tradgedy from happening and in doing so angers Jesus that Peter does not understand that this is the way to fulfill His entire purpose here on earth and therefore although Peter is acting out of love it is such a selfish love that he becomes an actual roadblock to His Devine purpose inadvertanty assisting Satan’s attempts to thwart God’s ultimate sacrifice of love for all humankind and saving them from their sins forever through the power of love. Jesus rebukes Peter with a stern command to “Get behind me Satan!” so that Jesus can do His Father’s will.

    • Joline,

      It’s true, there is so much symbolism in Jacob’s conflict with Bella. As I wrote previously, Jacob’s relationship with Bella is fruitful to a certain point, after which he can no longer follow her. When, like Christ and Peter, we make a decision to live in the spirit (which requires sacrifice and death to self), our relationships which are not built on a similar foundation fracture. The Scripture that says “do not be surprised at the fiery conflict around you, as if something strange were happening,” comes to mind. This is to be expected. We must remember as well that Christ still walked in love, despite the temptation which came through Peter. Often, those who act as a stumbling block have no clue that they are doing so.

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