Entering Eclipse – An Overview

Eclipse is going to be an interesting book to delve into. Like New Moon, there’s a good deal of internal conflict, but it actually comes to bear in external conflict much more frequently, adding complexity. It’s more literal and deliberate in its storytelling. However, Eclipse also deals with choices and embracing the truth, which speaks to all of us.

Noone can escape the necessity of making choices, and noone can escape the truth; not for long.  Even when the truth is difficult for us to accept, as it is for Bella in Eclipse, it remains truth: pure and objective. Reality.

How does this fit with the backdrop I’ve laid with Twilight and New Moon ? Glad you asked. 😉

As we examine Twilight, we see a clear picture of where we are when we meet Christ. We’ve never met anyone like Him. He’s everything we aren’t, and everything we want to be. He’s powerful, wise, beautiful, perfect, graceful, everlasting, never-changing, and I could go on…But we are what we are: weak, needy, imperfect, clumsy, awkward, fearful, vulnerable, unsure, and corruptible….human. And He loves us just as we are, though we can’t begin to understand why. Overcome by the generosity of His extravagant love and acceptance, we “tag along” beside Him, always grateful to be with Him, but secretly waiting for the other shoe to drop. Anticipating the day when He either realizes we’re not worth His time, or we die and go to be with Him forever. 🙂

In New Moon, we’ve fallen even more deeply in love with our Lord. Though we still don’t get why he hangs around us (He must be crazy), we’re just ecstatic to be with Him every day. But then something changes, and He suddenly disappears, withdraws, seemingly abandons us. We endure the desolation of a spiritual and emotional desert, as we only now begin to realize the depths of our reliance on Him. We are tempted to turn aside to human comforts, our medicine, our Jacob Black, and just try to move on…but finally He comes back. We exit our wilderness. And it was as if He’d never been silent, never left us. Because in truth He never had. He’s become part of us, and so will always be linked. We realize that He really and truly adores us, and He cannot live without us, just as we cannot live without Him.

And in Eclipse, we must face the consequences of our decision to become like Christ. We get the final bill of the total cost of following God: we must forsake everything, father and mother, sister and brother. If not, we are not worthy of Him. Even though we thought we understood the cost, we begin to feel the pain as our flesh begins to die. We have to give up everything, as we begin to transform—internally—into the image of Christ. The spiritual battle escalates dramatically as we confront the enemy within us and around us. Will we choose to hold onto our current life, or will we hold fast to eternity? The book is a journey into truth, making hard choices, and choosing to walk in truth. I think the Scripture passage for this book would be Proverbs 4:17-19:

17Their food and drink are violence and cruelty. 18The lifestyle of good people is like sunlight at dawn that keeps getting brighter until broad daylight. 19The lifestyle of the wicked is like total darkness, and they will never know what makes them stumble.

Who will we choose to be? What will Bella choose? Will we live in the light? Or will we stumble in darkness? Welcome to Eclipse! 🙂


~ by sarahthebaker on February 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “Entering Eclipse – An Overview”

  1. Sweet post. As you know, I agree 100%, and you’ve written it here so nicely. 🙂 Write on!

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