Devotion #15: Transformed – Mortality Bites

“And you, Bella?” Aro raised his eyebrows.

Edward hissed, low in my ears. I stared at Aro blankly. Was he joking?

“Caius, surely you see the potential,” Aro chided him affectionately. “I haven’t seen a prospective talent so promising since we found Jane and Alec. Can you imagine the possibilities when she is one of us?”

“Aro,” Caius hissed. “The law claims them.”

“Unless…,” Aro interrupted….”Unless you do intend to give her immortality?”

Edward pursed his lips, hesitating for a moment before he answered. “And if I do?”

Aro smiled, happy again. “Why, then you would be free to go home….”

His expression turned more hesitant. “But I’m afraid you would have to mean it.”

Edwards lips tightened into a fierce line. He stared into my eyes, and I stared back.

“Mean it,” I whispered. “Please.”
New Moon – Chapter 21

I was at church recently (I know, shocker!). I was frustrated with the way things are, seeing the change that needs to happen, and not knowing how to help. I didn’t know what to do about it, and I could feel myself completely disengaged and disassociated with what was happening around me. I just wasn’t buying it.  It came easily me to me to say, “I’m not a part of this, I’m not shallow, I want something more.”

Next, I turned that feeling inward: “God, what do I do? What are you telling me? Don’t leave us this way, don’t leave us unchanged.”

At that moment, I remembered Bella, continually asking Edward, “Change me, make me like you. Don’t leave me frail and human…Make me strong and able to run with you.” I remembered her asking and wishing and wondering…and finally, becoming.

At that I felt such hope and exhilaration, as I heard His voice to me saying, “I will not leave you unchanged.”

And He won’t. It’s His desire to transform each of us into His perfect image. But much as Edward would not upon Bella’s first asking, the Lord waits until the right time to change us, degree by degree, and not always in the way we expect.

He promises us that He will complete the work He began in us, and He means it. Thanks to Him, the law will not have claim over us, but only His love and the law of Grace. When you feel like you’re not where you want to be, you can’t see His image in you yet, or the family colors don’t yet light your eyes and cheeks, take comfort in His Words, because He doesn’t lie.


~ by sarahthebaker on February 16, 2010.

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  1. Lovely. Thanks! There’s so much about Bella’s “change” that is inspirational! Happy Wednesday!

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