Devotion #10: Emily’s House – A Supernatural Community

The front room, [of Emily’s house], was mostly kitchen. A young woman with satiny copper skin and long, straight, crow-black hair was standing at the counter by the sink, popping big muffins out of a tin and placing them on a paper plate…

Emily chuckled, and then opened the refrigerator…”Bella, are you hungry? Go ahead and help yourself to a muffin.”

“Thanks.” I took one from the plate and started nibbling around the edges. It was delicious, and it felt good in my tender stomach. Embry picked up his third and shoved it into his mouth whole.

“Save some for your brothers,” Emily chastised him, hitting him on the head with a wooden spoon. The word surprised me, but the others thought nothing of it.

The front door opened, and Sam stepped through.

“Emily,” he said, and so much love saturated his voice that I felt embarrassed, intrusive, as I watched him cross the room in one stride and take her face in his wide hands. He leaned down and kissed the dark scars on her right cheek before he kissed her lips.

“Food’s ready,” [Emily] announced then….The guys hurried to surround the table—which looked tiny and in danger of being crushed by them—and devoured the buffet-sized pan of eggs Emily placed in their midst in record time. Emily ate leaning against the counter like me—avoiding the bedlam at the table—and watched them with affectionate eyes. Her expression clearly stated that this was her family.

All in all, it wasn’t exactly what I’d been expecting from a pack of werewolves.
New Moon – Chapter 14

We’re continually surprised by the behavior of these supernatural beings! First we get vegetarian vampires and now werewolves who fight over scrambled eggs and muffins!

I think passages such as this, and similar home-events at the Cullen house, cause us to ponder another major theme of this series: community. For thousands of years, societies have thrived (or died) based on their ability to stay in communication with each other.
In a war situation, the best ways of neutering your enemy is to a) cut off their supply-line, and b) cut off their communication-line.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the 2008 election was one, essentially, on effective communication, and wise usage of its newest forms: online social media.

While we are surrounded (bombarded, really) by new and better ways to keep in communication with each other, (so much that it’s hard to keep up); we still have to ponder the real meaning of community:

The word community is derived from the Old French communité which is derived from the Latin communitas (cum, “with/together” + munus, “gift”), a broad term for fellowship or organized society.[2]

It’s reasonable to say that unifying those terms could mean “one gift,” or those with “united giftings,” dwell in community together. The saying, “birds of a feather flock together,” comes to mind.

But back to Twilight. Why is this important here? Well, knowing the plot-line and story, the Cullens and the Quileutes live very differently from others who have similar gifts:

The Cullens work diligently to overcome their nature and thus don’t feed upon humans, believe in the sanctity of human life, and unlike other vampires, live as a settled group in a permanent residence. The others of their kind wander in groups of 2 or 3 at the most and, essentially, live as wild animals with opposable thumbs and fashion sense.

The Quileute “werewolves” aren’t actually werewolves, but shape shifters, in fact. However, comparing them to other people-who-turn-int0-wolves (*smile*), they too, live in an entirely different fashion: they don’t feed upon or attack humans, do not live as unruly animals, learn to control their abilities as they gain maturity, and dwell in a civilized and structured community.

At the heart of these two different, yet very similar groups, lies two things: community.

It is their very community that keeps them in-touch with their human nature and empowers them to live to their best and fullest potential. Without it, members of either group would almost certainly degenerate to their lowest denominator: animal.

How does this matter to us? Without community, you and I become nothing but intelligent, gifted, God-breathed animals with opposable thumbs. I’d say “with fashion sense,” except that without community, we wouldn’t even know what fashion was…(Note I didn’t say we “are” nothing but animals…I said we “become” nothing but animals.)

I think this is key in understanding why the writer of Hebrews said “don’t forget to come together as a group…but encourage each other regularly.” Because we need it people! If we are ever to realize our fullest potential that the Lord has invested in us, we must have each other.

Question: What do you think about this? In what ways has community brought out the best in you? In what ways do you think Christian communities fail its members? E-mail or comment!!


~ by sarahthebaker on January 21, 2010.

One Response to “Devotion #10: Emily’s House – A Supernatural Community”

  1. Great post! We were made to live in community! Yes, we need alone time, and personal time with God, but community provides essential elements for survival – hope, accountability, opportunity for service, encouragement – I mean, if little babies die without human touch, we can too!
    Twilight illustrates the benefits of community beautifully. In short, the Cullens are stronger because of their relationships based on love, not on necessity or conflict. They hold each other accountable in their chosen lifestyle, encouraging each other and forgiving when they slip (i.e. Jasper). Their entire existence is altered when they meet/choose their mates, fighting to the death anything that would come between them. They survive conflicts because they stay together. It’s a huge deal – and i could go on about it for pages. 🙂
    But I’ll just agree full-heartedly with you.
    Oh, yeah, the werewolves. I’m such a Team Ed gal, I forget. Haha. But your posts have been enlightening me to the pros of Team Jake. You’re right, the pack demonstrates similar bonds that make them stronger in every way.
    Write on, sister!

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