New Moon Devotion #9: The Enemy in the Meadow (Laurent’s Return)

Jacob must have changed his mind, just like I feared. He was going to take my advice and not waste any more time on someone who couldn’t return his feelings. I felt the blood run out of my face.

…I set off into the woods. Somehow…even with the birds chirping and cawing,…the forest seemed creepier today; it reminded me of my most recent nightmare….

…Then, with an abruptness that disoriented me, I stepped through a low arch made by two vine maples—pushing past the chest-high ferns—into the meadow.

It was the same place, of that I was instantly sure…but it didn’t hold what I had been searching for…Nothing lingered here. Nothing more than the memories that I could have called back whenever I wanted to; if I was ever willing to endure the corresponding pain….There was nothing special about this place without him.

At precisely that moment, a figure stepped out from the trees…as my eyes focused on the motionless figure, seeing the utter stillness, the pallid skin, a rush of piercing hope rocked through me….Next was fear…And finally, recognition.

[Laurent] grinned. “I didn’t expect to see you here.” He strolled toward me, his expression bemused.
“….When I found the Cullen place empty, I thought they’d move on.”

“They did move on,” I finally managed to tell him.

“Hmm,” he murmured. “I’m surprised they left you behind. Weren’t you sort of a pet of theirs?”

“Did Victoria ever find you?” I asked, breathless, desperate to distract him.

“Yes,” he said, hesitating on his step. “I actually came here as a favor to her….She won’t be happy about this.”

“About what?”

“About me killing you….She’s sort of…put out with you, Bella….James was her mate, and your Edward killed him….She thought it more appropriate to kill you than Edward…mate for mate….I didn’t imagine you would be so easy to get to. So maybe her plan was flawed—apparently it wouldn’t be the revenge she imagined, since you must not mean very much to him if he left you here unprotected.”

Another blow, another tear through my chest.

“Then why not wait for her?” I choked out.

“Well, you’ve caught me at a bad time, Bella. I didn’t come to this place on Victoria’s mission—I was hunting….and you do smell…mouthwatering.”

“No one will find your body—you’ll simply go missing, like so many, many other humans. There’s no reason for Edward to think of me, if he cares enough to investigate. This is nothing personal…”

“…I’ll be very quick. You won’t feel a thing, I promise….if you knew what [Victoria] had planned for you, Bella…I swear you’d be thanking me for this.”

Laurent was backing toward the edge of the trees….Laurent was afraid,…staring at the pack of monster wolves with unconcealed shock and fear….He spun and disappeared into the trees. He ran away.
New Moon – Chapter 10

In her estimation, Bella is now alone. Jacob, her life-line and personal sun, seems to want nothing more to do with her. In desperation, she goes into the wilderness of Forks to find the one place she believes could hold Edward’s memory, and where she may hear his voice again: the meadow.

Instead, she finds only pain and emptiness. She arrives at her lowest point; without hope, without proof, empty and starving inside. An old acquaintance enters the fray: Laurent.

He explains Victoria’s plans for revenge, and his own plans to make Bella his prey. But before he partakes, he shares with her how death at his hands will be quick and merciful; Edward abandoned her. He doesn’t care. Why shouldn’t she want to die? Bella is sliced inwardly with every vicious jab; she has no defense…maybe it’s better this way.

Bella is tempted to give up; to give in.

Doesn’t this sound somewhat familiar?

After 40 days He was starving. Wandering through the wilderness and seeking the supernatural, a man finally seeks rest on a rocky plateau. A voice whispers to Him, “are you not the Anointed One? You must be so hungry….Surely, you can make these stones into some bread for yourself. Wouldn’t that satisfy your soul?”

“It is written: humans don’t live by earthly food alone, but by every morsel that drips from the mouth of God.”

“Messiah…this path you’re choosing for yourself is hard. Let me help you. Lets make a deal. The kingdoms of the world, their splendor and power are all mine…just kneel before me once and I will give them all to you right now. Just once, that’s all!”

“No. It is written, worship the Lord and Him alone” (Luke 4, paraphrase).

The Word, written on Jesus’ mind and very DNA, provided the ammunition needed to overcome.
Likewise, at the right time, the words of love written on Bella’s heart leapt to her defense: “Lie to the enemy…Beg for your life…Don’t move an inch…Edward, I love you…”

Even though Bella no longer believes that Edward cares for her, something inside is holding on to the truth that he does. Her knowledge of the truth is her defense.

If her inner voice of truth hadn’t led her to distract the enemy, it’s reasonable to assume the coming rescue may not have arrived in time.

Everyone goes through some kind of wilderness in life; Jesus did, and we’re meant to follow His example in every way (whether literally or symbolically). But without the Truth written on us, we’re vulnerable to the manipulation of a bloodthirsty enemy.

He comes at our time of greatest need and desperation; when we’re starving and delusional. He comes when we least expect him; and he comes to our secret, most personal places.

Your meadow is different from mine, but be assured, one day you’ll find your enemy standing there. And what will you do? Will you try to outrun him, or will you stand on the truth? Noone can outrun a hungry vampire, but if you know the truth, you can unleash a torrent of heavenly protectors that can do what is inhumanly possible.

Walk in truth. 🙂


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  1. YES! A great picture of why we need to have the Word written on our hearts! Write on, sister! 🙂

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