New Moon Devotion #6: Enter – Jacob Black

He followed me out into the downpour and helped me load both of the heavy bikes into the back of my truck. He seemed eager to be rid of them, so I didn’t argue.

Inspiration hit like a bolt of lightning—not unreasonable, considering the storm. “You know what? That’s ok. I know someone who builds cars.”
“Hey Jacob!” I felt an unfamiliar surge of enthusiasm at his smile. I realised that I was pleased to see him. This knowledge surprised me.”
I smiled back [at him], and something clicked silently into place, like two corresponding puzzle pieces. I’d forgotten how much I really liked Jacob Black.
“…I recently acquired a couple of bikes, and they’re not in the greatest condition. I wonder if you could get them running?”

“Cool.” He seemed truly pleased by the challenge. His face glowed. “I’ll give it a try.”
I held up one finger in warning. “The thing is,” I explained, “Charlie doesn’t approve of motorcycles. Honestly, he’d probably bust a vein in his forehead if he knew about this. So you can’t tell Billy.”
“Sure, sure.” Jacob smiled. “I understand.”

“These are going to take some cash, though,” he said, frowning down at the blackened metal. “We’ll have to save up for parts first.”

We nothing,” I disagreed. “If you’re doing this for free, I’ll pay for the parts.”

“I’ve got some money saved. College fund, you know.”

College schmollege, I thought to myself. It wasn’t like I’d saved up enough to go anywhere special—and besides, I had no desire to leave Forks anyway. What different would it make if I skimmed a little bit off the top?
Jacob just nodded. This all made perfect sense to him.
As we skulked back to the makeshift garage, I contemplated my luck. Only a teenage boy would agree to this: deceiving both our parents while repairing dangerous vehicles using money meant for college education. He didn’t see anything wrong with that picture. Jacob was a gift from the gods.
New Moon – Chapter 5

There are always times and seasons to everything in our lives. I could wax Ecclesiastical and start singing the song by The Byrds, but I refuse to unleash Forrest Gump on you all at this point in time.

Bella exited her time with Edward. She is entering a new season with Jacob Black.  Already, her soul is beginning to respond to the right-ness of their budding friendship.

Have you ever had a time in your life when you just thought everything was over? Forget “the world as you know it,” the whole world in its entirety is over as far as you can see it.

And then there’s this moment, this spark of genius, or maybe insanity, when you feel hope. You feel like you can pull out of the vortex…?

Bella’s moment of crazy-genius presented itself as “Hey! Let’s hang out and re-build machines of DOOM! Oh, and let’s not tell our parents, and….Hey…you’re kind of beautiful! Did you know that?”

But really, the issue at this point isn’t the motorcycles, and it isn’t about lying to parents, or Jacob being boyishly beautiful.

For once, Bella is getting to be a teenager. She’s going to act her age. She’s going to be a little risky with her legal death machine. All of her life, she’s been responsible and mature: she mothered her own mother and made sure bills were paid, food was in the refrigerator, and bills were paid on-time. She was studious, and serious, and only got “more middle-aged every year” as her mom, Renee, puts it. It’s about time she cut loose a bit and experienced what it was like to be a kid. This is her time to explore another side of herself. And she should: Bella and her soon-to-be best friend Jacob are meant to be in some way.

But in others, maybe not so much. Over the next several chapters Bella will shift into this new season of her life, and struggle to find her balance as she is tempted to take a good thing too far, facing addiction and rebound love…. She’ll also discover covenant friendship, loyalty, and tribal brotherhood.

Stay tuned for more New Moon @ Twilight Devotions!


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