Love Conquers All (Devotion #19)

“Once [a vampire] tastes the blood, or even smells it for that matter, it becomes very hard to keep from feeding. Sometimes impossible.” Alice, Twilight
– Chapter 20.

“He bit her.” Carlisle’s voice was no longer calm, it was appalled.
I heard Edward catch his breath in horror.
“Edward, you have to do it.” It was Alice’s voice, close by my head. Cool fingers brushed at the wetness in my eyes.
“No!” he bellowed.
“See if you can suck the venom back out. The wound is fairly clean.” [Carlisle said.]
“Carlisle, I…” Edward hesitated. “I don’t know if I can do that.” There was agony in his beautiful voice again.
I writhed in the grip of the fiery torture, the movement making the pain in my leg flare sickeningly.
Edward’s face was drawn. I watched his eyes as the doubt was suddenly replaced with a blazing determination. His jaw tightened. I felt his cool, strong fingers on my burning hand, locking it in place. Then his head bent over it, and his cold lips pressed against my skin.
At first the pain was worse. I screamed and thrashed against the cool hands that held me back. I heard Alice’s voice, trying to calm me. …
Then slowly, my writhing calmed as my hand grew more and more numb. The fire was dulling, focusing into an ever-smaller point. …
I sighed contentedly. The fire was gone, the other pains dulled by a sleepiness seeping through my body.
“Is it all out?” Carlisle asked from somewhere far away.
“Her blood tastes clean,” Edward said quietly….
My eyes opened to a bright, white light. I was in an unfamiliar room, a white room. …There was an annoying beeping sound somewhere closeby. I hoped that meant I was still alive. Death shouldn’t be this uncomfortable.
“How bad am I?” [I asked.]
“You have a broken leg, four broken ribs, some cracks in your skull, bruises covering every inch of your skin, and you’ve lost a lot of blood….”
“How did you do it?” I asked quietly. He knew what I meant at once.
“I’m not sure.”
He sighed without returning my gaze. “It was impossible…to stop,” he whispered. “Impossible. But I did.”
He looked up finally, with half a smile. “I must love you.”
Twilight – Chapters 23  & 24

The entire book up to this point has been a struggle for Edward. Despite his powerful desire to drink her blood, he’s denied his lust and has grown to love Bella – a frail, mortal human, to the point that he cannot live without her. After James bites her, the venom begins to flow painfully through her veins and she will either become a vampire (which Edward doesn’t want), or Edward must suck the venom from the wound to hopefully spare her human life. He’s now confronted with the situation of having to use his greatest weakness to save her. Edward is terrified. Will he be able to look his vampire nature in the eyes and walk away? Or will he succumb and kill his beloved? He is offered “his personal brand of heroin,” his greatest temptation…

And he prevails. He overcomes. He loves her too much to not stop. He loves her too much to not do the impossible. God is love, and love is the most powerful link between the natural and supernatural world; the link between what is possible and what is impossible. This is the very reason behind why “with God, all things are possible,” (Mark 10:27 Luke 1:37). This is why walking in love is so essential. Without it we cannot know God, and we don’t have what He purchased for us. So love really does conquer all…I had always thought that statement was bogus, but I learned I was wrong. Love (God) is the most powerful force in the universe, and with it/Him, all things are possible. Make the decision to grow in love.


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  1. I LOVE this scene in the movie… they did such a great job showing what a big deal this event was. And I LOVE that Rob singing “Let Me Sign” plays in the background. Well done montage. Gives me goose bumps as I also think of it as God’s powerful love for me. You are so right… love never fails. Write on!

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