One of the (Cullen) Family (#18)

“You’re wrong you know,” he said quietly.
“What?” I gasped.
“I can feel what you’re feeling now—and you are worth it.”
“I’m not,” I mumbled. “If anything happens to them, it will be for nothing.”
“You’re wrong,” he repeated, smiling kindly at me.

The majority of Chapter 19 in Twilight is the Cullens preparing to take Bella and hide her from the threat of tracker James, and his partner Victoria.

Edward takes Bella to her house to pack, while the rest of the family prepares to defend her. Esme trades clothes with her to confuse her scent, Jasper and Alice agree brave the threat of exposure in the sunny south to hide her in Phoenix, and Edward and Carlisle plan to form a hunting party to eliminate the murderous duo (despite Carlisle’s hatred of violence and lost life).

Bella really has a hard time with this situation, feeling much like a burden, a danger, and an inconvenience to their entire family. She doesn’t feel she deserves being defended, as she is an outsider, and a frail, ordinary human being. She is not special enough to deserve the effort.

This pretty much sums up our condition when God finds us. We understand just how undeserving we are of His mercy and affection. We’re well-acquainted with our faults and are just grateful to know we can be forgiven. Most of us don’t have the audacity to hope for much more than that.

But much like Our Father, the Cullens understand something about us frail, un-special humans that we don’t: the Son is crazy in love with us. He is willing to sacrifice everything, His entire existence to have us, to keep us safe. Anything we need, He is willing and able to provide. He is obsessed with us. The Cullens accept Bella for that single purpose, knowing Edward loves her, and this is enough for the rest of them. Except Rosalie. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the rest of us could get over our Rosalie-syndrome and accept new brothers and sisters with the one qualification that The Son loves them? But I digress…

Like Edward, the Lord has waited forever for His Bride, His eternal love. Is He really going to abandon us in our time of need? Not a chance.

But it is hard for us to accept that. Most of us have had disappointments and bad experiences in our love relationships. We don’t expect someone to love us forever or be willing to give everything for us.

Bella’s short conversation (above) with Jasper (who is able to sense emotion) at this part is telling of that same bitter end expectancy.

How many of us would have said the same thing to Christ on the day of His death? Most of us, I’d bet, staring down that ugly and horrible end to His mortal life, would beg Him not to go. But He knew something we humans often fail to realize: He cannot die. Sinless and incorruptible, nothing could ever destroy Him. He always knew He would emerge the winner.

I’m going to end this one quoting Edward when he left to fight the monsters at this part of the story: “I’ll come back for you…You are my life now.”

I just have to include this video of “Anything You Want/You Got It” by Roy Orbison…I really think this is connected to the “spirit of the blog.” LOL Random? Yeah, definitely. Enjoy!


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One Response to “One of the (Cullen) Family (#18)”

  1. But much like Our Father, the Cullens understand something about us we don’t: the Son is crazy in love with us. LOVE THAT! So powerful! If we could only picture it, grasp it, BELIEVE it! Write on, sister!

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