Vampire Baseball: In Whose Image Are You? (#16)

“They emerged one by one from the forest edge, ranging a dozen meters apart. The first male into the clearing fell back immediately, allowing the other male to take the front, orienting himself around the tall, dark-haired man in a manner that clearly displayed who led the pack. The third was a woman; from this distance, all I could see of her was that her hair was a startling shade of red.

“They closed ranks before they continued cautiously toward Edward’s family, exhibiting the natural respect of a troop of predators as it encounters a larger, unfamiliar group of its own kind.

“As they approached, I could see how different they were from the Cullens. Their walk was catlike, a gait that seemed constantly on the edge of shifting into a crouch. They dressed in the ordinary gear of backpackers: jeans and casual button-down shirts in heavy, weatherproof fabrics. The clothes were frayed, though, with wear, and they were barefoot. Both men had cropped hair, but the woman’s brilliant orange hair was filled with leaves and debris from the woods. …

“The woman was wilder, her eyes shifting restlessly between the men facing her, and the loose grouping around me, her chaotic hair quivering in the slight breeze. Her posture was distinctly feline.”

“Their eyes were different, too. Not the gold or black I had come to expect, but a deep burgundy color that was disturbing and sinister.

“‘You brought a snack?’  [Laurent] asked, his expression incredulous as he took an involuntary step [toward me].'”
Twilight – Chapter 18

Bella Swan has had intimate contact with a family of supernatural beings, gaining insight into what they are really like. She knows who they are, how they are gifted, and what they are capable of. However, she doesn’t know just how removed they are from the rest of vampirekind.

I agree with Kurt Bruner’s assessment of  the vampires in Stephenie Meyer’s series: they take on the qualities of superheroes or supervillains rather than the traditional Transylvanian terror of the written lore. So, symbolically, the vampires would take on the same symbolism as they would:  good spiritual power or evil spiritual power, false gods versus the One True God.

So, in this quoted passage we’re really looking at the traits that set God apart from the false gods of the world: Edward’s family (superheroes) is civilized, humble, and restrained, holding tightly to the human traits of empathy, compassion, mercy, and family. The nomads; James, Victoria, and Laurent (supervillains); are just the opposites: wild, animalistic, instinctual, impulsive, and self-serving, existing in pairs or small groups only as long as it serves their personal purposes.

The truth is that there is spiritual power in the world, but it only comes from two sources: God, or satan. They’ve been fighting for thousands of years over the eternal destination of the human race, and whose image we will ultimately be conformed into.

In whose image are we? The choices we make decide. Will we be heroes or will we become the enemy? Each time we elect to give into our inner animalism, denying the nature of God imparted to us by our Creator; when we choose to live on our own, isolated from community; when we think the gifts within us were meant to serve us and not the Body as well; when we chose to use others for our convenience rather than building covenant relationships. It is then that we become the enemy.

It is when we live against this grain that we become the hero. Yes, the Cullens were considered freaks for it. But the Bible says, if Christ suffered so completely [including being shunned], should we expect any different?


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  1. i love twilight saga

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