Devotion #9: Perspective

After Edward and Bella begin to see each other, following his saving her life in Port Angeles (Chapter 8), they begin to get honest with each other: Edward divulges who he really is (Chapter 9, Devotional #8), and Bella begins to divulge her true self and feelings for him.

In these chapters (9 & 10), we begin to see the differences in perspective, point-of-view, that makes them unique and which allow them to complete each other.

1) Edward is a true gentleman and therefore, defers to Bella’s judgment. Bella, however, is aggressive when she knows what she wants. When he steps back, she steps forward. (p. 197)

2) Edward, being eternal, sees the world, and human love, from a timeless perspective. Any investment he makes in a relationship takes on much greater significance: Stephenie Meyer’s vampires mate for life, and they never “get over” the loss of that love if it comes. Bella, being human (and a child of divorce) sees relationships as a too-often-temporary event, and therefore, won’t enter one lightly. Both are extremely selective in whom they love. Their individual perspectives allow for a perfect merging of hearts.

3) Both are a puzzle, and are endlessly curious. Over the course of the series, they spend huge amounts of time simply getting to know one another.

4) Edward can hear everyone’s thoughts in the world, except Bella’s. This is what actually sparks his desire to learn more about her. Without this catalyst, he may not have found her as quickly, and the story may have gone much differently.

5) He is strong and graceful, she is weak and clumsy.

In the rest of the series, even more personal traits emerge, and are proved to be a kind of fateful providence in the story arc. Things about Bella which, always perceived as purposeless quirks, things which she felt held her back, actually proved to be her strengths.

Independently, both Edward and Bella had traits and points-of-view which didn’t serve them too well, or were unbalanced. This is because they were only half of the equation. When the two halves came together, the supernatural and the natural, those traits came into balance and began to make sense.

How much of us do we not appreciate, or understand? Tons, probably. But we need to realize that we were custom made the way we are for a reason. Had Bella not been clumsy, or mentally silent, or selfless enough to move to Forks from her home in Phoenix, the story wouldn’t have happened. Both characters come through so much adversity and negativity to emerge victorious and rewarded for their trouble.

Remember that things which seem random or even detrimental may ultimately be for your good. God is always working toward that (Romans 8:28), even if it may be unpleasant at the time.


~ by sarahthebaker on November 30, 2009.

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